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Know us from our Customers

TSRDPL is basically a service provider and improving customer satisfaction through improved services is the one of the Quality policy of the company. We endeavour to deliver quality service to the investor in keeping with the traditions of House of Tatas.Hence TSRDPL is constantly in touch with the investors of its client companies through the visitor book,Real time surveys(for walk-in customers),back chat (for cutomers who call on the telephone) and mailers (through correspondence).

Surveys help to monitor the performance as part of our commitment to deliver unsurpassed service to our clients,their shareholders and their employees.Survey Results confirm successful relationships with our clients and their investors.

Comments/suggestions  Name 
I would also like to take this opportunity to Thank the staff of M/s TSR in Kolkata & Mumbai for their ever prompt and efficient and coutrteous service. To me TSR is an ideal that other R & T agents should aspire to.  Mr Nauzer Batlivala  
Services are 100% and PERFECT. Cannot be comparable with any other company.  Ms Anita Samant 
It was very professional of you to reply this promptly.It rejuvenates my faith in the Company.  Mr. Rajbir Singh Sokhi  
Thanks goes to your counter staff members for very prompt service and providing excellent detailed information.Wishing TSR all the Best.  Mr. H B Bharucha  
I Appreciate a Company like yours. I am very thankful to you for your kind co-operation and investor friendly approach with your investors those who make trust and faith in you. I once again appreciate you that I have never seen a prompt and perfect service in my life where I deal with lots of companies or their Registrars since last 12 years.  Mr. Bakul Shah  
The Services rendered by the counter staff are investor friendly. They are helpful in explaining things and go out of the way to solve them shareholders' problems.  D N Bamboat  
Absolutely fabulous service. Cannot think of a better office or staff to deal with  Aparna Verma 
Most delightfully pleasant & dignified service, all apprehensions regarding service suddenly disappear the moment I enter into the Office  Dr. J Engineer 
Excellent, Wonderful Service with a Smile. Thank you very much.  Mr. N.J.Nicholson (F.D.holder) 
Having experienced a serious concern and poor communication from several financial institutions and bankers in India, I am very proud and satisfied with your excellent, prompt, friendly and co-operative response to my several inquiries and questions  Mr. Bipin Ramji 

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