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Payroll and Provident Fund Management Record Management Share Registry Services Corporate Fixed Deposit Management
Products & Services

  • Payroll & Employees' Trust Fund Administration & Management
    • All the activities normally handled by "Payroll and Retirement Funds" Section in the Organization, including interface with Regulatory Authorities, are taken over by us.
  • Record Management
    • Storage, Retention & Retrieval of Physical and/or Electronic Records
  • Registrar & Transfer Agents for-
    • Equity and Preference shares
    • Debenture Instruments and Bonds
    • Commercial Paper and Private Placements
    • Transfer Processing
    • Customer/Query Handling and Correspondence
    • Split/Consolidation/Renewal of Certificates
    • Processing and Distribution of Interest/Dividend Warrants
      -Payments by Physical Warrants/through ECS/Direct Credit
  • Depository Related Services
    • Electronic Connectivity with NSDL/CDSL and transmission of
      • Information to Client Companies through preferable electronic media
    • Dematerialization/Rematerialization
    • Inter-Depository Transfers
  • Registrar to Fixed Deposit schemes
    • Acceptance and Processing of Applications
    • Renewals & Repayments
    • Processing & Distribution of Interest Payments through ECS or Physical Warrants.
    • Reconciliation of Payment of Interest.
  • Other Registry Related Services:
    • Registrar to Issues
      • Public/Rights/Bonus Issues
    • Special Projects
      • Buy-back of Shares
      • Open Offers
      • Mergers & De-mergers
      • Sub-division & Exchange
      • Redemption of Debt Instruments
      • Bulk Processing & Printing
      • Customer/Investor Analytical Surveys
    • Assisting Client Companies in conducting meetings
      • AGM/EGM/Court Convened Meetings
      • Postal Ballot
      • Handling Poll related activities

TSR Darashaw Home | Company Profile | Addresses | Product and Services | Our Customers | Notice Board | Career With Us | Sitemap
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