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Share Transfer & Registry Services
Share Transfer & Registry Services

TSRDL's portfolio of Registry services includes:

Maintenance of Share/Debenture Holders related information
Registration and certification of transfer of securities in physical form
Effecting the transactions for change in the form of holding i.e conversion of holding into physical or electronic form (dematerilzation & rematerilization)
Capturing and maintaining Investor holding and basic information including scanned signatures.

Disbursement of Corporate Benefits (Cash and non-cash)
TSRDL has the capacity to process both large and small Corporate Benefit distributions in a very short time frame. TSRDL processes and prints over 5 million payment instruments a year, amounting to approximately Rs.1600 crores annually. Benefit distribution includes Dividend/Interest, Redemption, Bonus and Rights.

Investor Services
TSRDL responds to 0.5 million investor queries a year. These include requests for investor related information, upcoming corporate events, changes to investor details, and specific holding or document related queries.
TSRDL has trained front desk personnel who provide personalized attention to each investor, may it be across counter, through telephone or via email.
A high speed optical fiber network, custom built software, ISO 9001:2015 certified systems and in house mailing and dispatch service center allows TSRDL to maintain excellent investor service at all times.

Client Services
TSRDL provides services to more than 150 companies. A team of relationship managers provide a 'one-stop shop', to all our clients.
TSRDL deals with numerous special jobs of varying size and complexity. In order to meet the changing needs of its clients, TSRDL's data mining package provides for statistical information viz Size of holding, Category of shareholder, Geographical location.
TSRDL's relationship team also assist their clients at their general AGM/EGM's and other meetings . Complete assistance is also offered for Court Convened Meetings and Poll related activities.

Support Services
TSRDL receives a large number of requests from investors for change of investor related information. To cater to these requests promptly . TSRDL has set up functional centres which are primarily focused in servicing to these specific requests. Few of support or special services rendered by TSRDL are:

  1. Noting of Change of Address and Bank Mandate/ECS requests received from investors
  2. Transmission/Transposition/Amalgamation
  3. Issue of duplicate certificates
  4. Registration of legal documents
  5. Noting of Nomination
  6. Call Payment/Endorsement /Forfeiture
  7. Consolidation/Renewal/Split/Amalgamation of Certificates
  8. Buyback, Conversion, Sub-division, Exchange & Redemption
Record Keeping
Record keeping involves collection of records, cataloguing, Storage, Retention and Retrieval of Physical records. TSRDL has an automated process for tracking storage details of each record, its retention program and the date of disposal.

TSRDL's record system has been termed as commendable by outside entities which has resulted in diversification of TSRDL's business services into Record Management

The records related to the registry activities, some of which are given below are stored for a specified period or permanently if required statutorily:
  • Transfer deeds
  • Demat Request Forms etc
  • Register of members
  • Undelivered security documents
  • Allotment registers etc
  • Other registers & returns
Statutory Requirement Facilitator
TSRDL acts as 'Registrar and transfer agent' for a large number of client companies. The activities of the company (On behalf of the client companies) come under the purview of the Companies Act/Company Law Board, Stock Exchange, SEBI Regulations, Registrar of Companies etc. The role of TSRDL in this capacity is more of a facilitator to enable the client companies and agencies appointed by them to comply with various statutory regulations and amendments thereon from time to time. TSRDL accomplishes this objective by:
  1. Generating reports for preservation on behalf of client companies or entities appointed by them.
  2. Generating and submitting reports on behalf of client companies.
  3. Providing information to client companies or entities appointed by them.
  4. Assistance in complying with the guidelines for prevention of "Insider Trading"

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