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  • At TSRDL, an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization, our process is our Bible.
  • TSRDL incorporates thorough checks and scrutiny throughout the life of a record, from the point of first recording it to the point of disposing of it securely
  • We notify the client when necessary to update them about the status of the record



  • Organization of records for easy retrieval
  • Help customer define retention period



  • We minimize storage requirements (space, equipment and supplies) for a given set of records
  • We reduce labor requirements for the creation, organization, retrieval and dissemination of recorded information



  • End-to-end Record Management Solution that is comprehensive in its coverage of services, delivering a complete functional solution
  • Art of systematic control of creation, maintenance, use and disposal of records
  • Involves collection of records from the client's premises, cataloguing, data-capturing, storage, retention, retrieval of physical or electronic records and safe disposal of outdated records



  • Customized services fine tuned to suit your specific business requirements.
  • With our unique expertise, we go the extra mile
  • Delivery our Solution with a personal touch

Warehouse Infrastructure

Warehouse Infrastructure

  • Approximately two million cubic feet of warehouse space distributed across the locations Mankoli, Bhiwandi and Pune in India
  • All our warehouses meet global standards and are audited periodically
  • We ensure that they are equipped with 24x7 Security, Power backups, Centrally Controlled Access Control Systems & CCTVs

Technology Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure

  • Provision of global technology to suit local changes
  • Continuously adapting to the demands of a dynamic information age
  • The technology infrastructure used in building the system is the best the industry
  • The technology integrates state-of-the-art storage facilities spread across three locations in India


Information management has grown in complexity with emerging technologies that compete to offer robust solutions. Not only do we keep abreast of these technologies, we also leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver the most efficient solutions to our clients.

Clients of TSRDL can avail both physical and digital storage solutions as we have the supporting technology and warehouse infrastructure to manage both the requirements.


Services of Physical Records Management Solution

Physical record storage

Physical Record Management involves collection of records from client’s premises, Cataloguing, Data Capturing, Storage, Retention, Retrieval of Physical or Electronic records and safe disposal of records. We offer the following services at various levels to assist our clients:

  • Box Level
  • File Level
  • Page level

Strong Room Storage

TSRDL offer the storage of documents in special enclosures with lock and key facility. The access to such documents is restricted by opening and closing of enclosure by an authorized person, security personnel and the same is recorded in the sealing register.

Onsite Records Management

TSRDL provide Onsite Record Management for the clients who would like to maintain records at their own premises with proper control.

Consultancy Services

TSRDL offer consultancy services to clients on Intelligent Record Management. We assist them with retention, filing, maintenance and safe destruction.

Mail Room Services

TSRDL help their clients with receipt of huge volume invoices collections, bar-coding, scanning and uploading to their respective servers.

Safe Destruction

TSRDL offer secure, compliant, comprehensive and environment-friendly destruction services. We deliver timely notifications and help our clients to manage the proliferation of business documents. Documents can be destroyed through shredding and/or pulping.

Features of Physical Records Management Solution

  • Heavy-duty slotted angle racks for the storage of boxes with documents
  • Moisture-control 7 Ply corrugated cartons for the storage of documents
  • All warehouses are equipped with fire-fighting equipment
  • All warehouses are subject to periodic pest-control
  • Data backup at remote sites
  • Record of complete history of records with logs
  • Smoke detectors installed across storage facility
  • Zone-base fire alarm panel and Hooters to alert security during early stage of fire.
  • CCTV surveillance

Services of Digital Record Management Solution

Imaging and Digital storage services

Documents are digitized using ADF/flatbed/Book scanners and images are captured as per specification of customers. Digitized images are identified through proper indexing, meta data creation for easy retrieval of documents to customers through User Id and passwords of TSR Darashaw Ltd 24X7 web servers

Features of Digital Record Management Solution

  • Heavy duty ADF Scanning Machines having a speed of 20ppm with an output capacity of 10000 pages per day.
  • Well-configured computer network setup for scanning, indexing, quality check and validation.
  • Skilled staff for batch preparations, scanning, indexing, quality checking and validation prior to uploading to the centralized server.
  • Web-oriented Online Document Management system with various levels of access controls (Company Level, Role Level, Document level) through user Id Passwords.
  • User-friendly software for management of images upload, image search with multiple search options and downloading bulk retrievals.
  • Disposal of images as per client’s written instructions. The client can also opt for the copy of the same in any portable media
  • IT infra setup at all records stations with high-speed network connectivity for processing and forwarding the control details of document to our centralized server.


Earlier, our record management was inefficient, time-consuming and often threw a spanner in the works. When we outsourced it to TSRDL, we saw a drastic reduction in our costs. We are now able to focus entirely on our core competencies. Superb work, TSRDL! - A large Indian private sector bank.

Our process for managing records used to be resource-intensive, constrained by time and space limitations. Seeing that TSRDL has all the technical and physical infrastructure, we partnered with them. In fact, we felt that they have exceeded all our expectations! - A large Indian MNC.

TSRDL has the most comprehensive process for record management in the industry. Strong room services, mailroom services, consultancy services - you name it, they have it. Being an end-to-end service provider, they are a one-stop-shop. Thank you, TSRDL! - A leading manufacturing company.

Some time ago, we were saddled with growing document needs. We also had to allocate resources for looking into statutory and regulatory compliances. But when we invested in TSRDL, our costs came down considerably. They make perfect business sense! - A leading consultancy company.